Úlla Beag Children’s Yoga

I am a certified Children’s Hatha Yoga & Meditation instructor; completed Level 3 Radiant Child Yoga and a certified Yogic storyteller with Storytime Yoga.. At Úlla Beag I incorporate learnings from international childrens instructors including Wai Lana’s yoga practices for kids; Helen Garabedian’s Itsy Bitsy Yoga and Jyothi Larsons Yoga Mom & Buddha baby.
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The yoga poses which we follow will entertain your kids while working to strengthen their growing bodies, stretch their muscles, and improve their balance and coordination. By intertwining story ; music and guided meditation with yogic flows the child’s mind and body are stimulated

They will roar like a lion , slither like a cobra and flutter like a butterfly.Yoga is good for kids because:

  • Kids learn body awareness , self-control and co-ordination
    • Yoga teaches kids to get a handle on stress
      • Yoga teaches kids how to relax and wind down.
        • Yoga poses come easy to most kids – as they are naturally more flexible then adults!
          • Yoga increases stamina levels, ability to do things and mental concentration.
          • The following yoga programs are available at Úlla Beag – Baby/Toddler & Mum /Dad Yoga ; Play group Yoga; Preschool Yoga during the school term and yoga camps over the holidays. I offer an afterschool yoga class in OGNS on Wednesday afternoons. For more detail contact ,e directly denisejoannasheridan@gmail.com/