Accredited CreativeMindfulness Practitioner.

I am delighted to have received my certificate on completion of one of the most important and relevant courses to support my work within the Early Years sector. Now more then ever we are seeing anixous children and worried parents as we transition through the aftermath of pandemic life. Not only do I feel more capable of helping and supporting these children I also feel more nourished myself. So loved every minute and so enjoyed the practice retreat days which I would highly recommend to everyone – and have! Working within the EY sector I have integrated the creative mindfulness into our preschool curriculum to ensure sustainability and continuity for our preschool community. Many thanks to Louise and her team for her kindness and thouhgtfulness and also to the community of practitioners who openly shared their experiences and challenges. certificate-accredited-online-creative-mindfulness-for-kids-training-5ef8fbefd5e35608a73956a5New Logo Practitioner