About Us

From September 2020 Úlla Beag will operate solely as an early years service offering an ECCE for eligible 3-5 year olds. Úlla Beag opened in 2010 as a Nature Green School providing Pre and After-School service located 5 mins from Ogonnelloe National School. We follow the Aistear curriculum ( 0-6 years ) which is also the model followed in Juniors and Seniors at a national school level. We received the national award for our Siolta Quality Framework System in 2018 from the Department of Skills and Education.This looks at 16 National Standards across 75 components of our business from supporting the Rights of the Child, Partnership with Parents and our Community, Professional practice, Staffing, Regulation & Legislation to Inclusion and our Curriculum.Visit www.siolta.ie for further information. Our Curriculum is Play Based learning which promotes and supports holistic development for Children in Early Years.
We work predominantly outside with the children in a large secure area following a Play led learning model and we incorporate best practices from Child led learning , Holistic development Montessori ; Irish Language for Early Years and Green Schools. We facilitate sibling and inter age group socialisation which ensures children can play and learn from all age groups. We promote holistic child development through art, music, yoga, meditation, organic gardening, Kindermusik ( we are kindermusik educators) , cookery, Irish language focus, sport activities and day to day household chores into our programs.

Over the last 10 years we have completed work with the pre and afterschool children to receive 4 Green Flags from An Taisce for our work on recycling, and sustainable living (2012) Energy management and education (2014 ) water conservation(2016) travel management (2018) and Biodiversity (2020). We now move on to our final 3 flags in the green schools program. We were acknowledged by Early Childhood Ireland for our Innovation in Environmental Awareness (2014); ECI in Creative Learning 2016 , the Department of Education (2016) for our innovative use of Art in Education and published on their art in education portal and published on the european site – manage Energy Europe. All of our staff are Garda vetted, Child protection trained , hold minimum level 5 qualifications, with all of our preschool leaders hold level 6 and above Early Years Education qualifications to allow us deliver a high quality service and environment which the children love.

We are approved to deliver the higher capitation ECCE ( free preschool) and CES schemes. We will offer CSS ( Community Subvention Scheme ) from Sept 2016 in line with the opening up of this scheme to the private preschool sector.
Our formal Siolta Quality Assurance Program validation was given to us in April 2018 and we achieved the highest overall rating Level 4 which shows comprehensive evidence of quality across all 16 areas audited.
Our Curriculum :
At Ulla Beag we are an inclusive green school, placing high value on equal educational opportunities for all children, adapt a child centered learning approach and promote a creative learning environment. We use a Play Based learning approach delivered through the Aistear Curriculum. We place high value on nutritional learning running our own school garden with the children and outdoor play experiences. Aistear is an emergent curriculum where childrens’ interests are paramount and they influence our day to day planning. Research confirms play based learning is how children learn optimally.

While your child is at Ulla Beag we create a learning environment which provides your child with varied play opportunities to:
Develop their self confidence, self management ; independence, creativity, resilience, and problem solving skills . Develop active sports skills ; yoga and meditative skills, active listening skills through storymaking and story telling.( WB)
Learn about social relationships through individual small and large group play, learn about their environment around them, develop language, music, art, science, gardening and pre maths’ skills ; develop reasoning and language skills. ( ET)
Develop positive attitudes to themselves , others and a love of continual learning which promotes seemless transitions ; developing a sense of individual and group identity and belonging while meeting each individual child’s emotional, developmental and physical needs . ( ET,WB)

For more detail on bookings or our work please contact Denise at 0857283333 or denisejoannasheridan@gmail.com