Closure of Service

Please be informed that we have made the decision that Ulla Beag will cease operations in the Early Years Sector from 1st Sept 2024. The team at Ulla Beag would like to express great gratitude to the many families who availed of our services and contributed to our rich learning environments. To the many children who supported the development of a unique child led, creative and inclusive environment which echoed their voices in every decision made here, we enjoyed every moment. We shared many creative experiences and learnings over our time here with artists Lynn Kenny, Rachel Doolin and working with creative bodies of Grafitti-Beag, Seedsavers, Green Schools Ireland and Branar Theatre. The children’s experiences here directly influenced inclusive policy making, best practice sharing in Creative Learning and Outdoor Environments with the Early years sector and were significant case study content in the End of 3 year Evaluation of the AIM Process with the University of Derby and MIC. Our children’s voices at Ulla Beag were displayed in the Little Pea Projects, Seedarium and their direct feedback created content within the Guiding Principles of Arts in the Early Years. It has been an amazing 14 years of growing and learning together and we continue to prioritise the child’s voice in our individual future endeavours. As one of our wise children said “Ulla Beag will always be part of you, and forever in your heart”.