ARTS in Education : Our Voice

Ulla Beag Collage outdoors
We were delighted to open this years Arts in Education Portal Day’s presentations with the journey of our Adoption of the Lundy Model of Participation in the Guiding Principles for Arts in Early Years at Mary Immaculate College. We also got to launch our amazing Film – narrated, created and inspired by this special group of creatives!!
“Our Land” is an early years (EY) engagement project and a short documentary-style film produced by artist Rachel Doolin in collaboration with Ulla Beag and Graffiti Theatre’s BEAG program, as part of the Arts in Early Learning and Care and School Age Children Pilot Project 2023.

This pilot initiative focuses on exploring and enhancing collaboration between artists and early years educators, while also reflecting on the recently published Draft Principles for Engagement with the Arts in Early Learning and Care (DCEDIY 2023).
natural documentation

children at art board

“Our Land” was created in partnership with the children attending Ulla Beag preschool, located in the rural setting of Ogonnelloe, County Clare. Ulla Beag is renowned for its commitment to inclusivity and environmental awareness, prioritizing equal educational opportunities for all students. They adopt a child-centered learning approach and foster a creative learning environment. The school’s educational approach revolves around Play-Based learning, as articulated in the Aistear Curriculum. Aistear, being an emergent curriculum, emphasizes the importance of children’s interests in shaping day-to-day educational plans. Extensive research supports the idea that play-based learning is the most effective method for children to acquire knowledge and skills.“The film titled ‘Our Land’ effectively incorporates the fundamental principles of Arts in Early Years (EY) education, specifically by recognizing and valuing children’s perspectives and their expertise in their own learning. Moreover, the film serves as a manifestation of key concepts such as the emergent curriculum, Aistear, and collaboration, while also highlighting the importance of incorporating children’s voices in these processes,” comments Denise Sheridan, Preschool owner, and LINC CPD program tutor MA Early Childhood Studies. You can view this film at