Second National Innovation Award ECI Creativity in Learning 2016

2nd National Award 2016 Innovation in Creative Learning following on from Innovation in Environmental Awareness in 2014.Feedback from ECI :”
As a green school with a strong ethos on conservation, recycling, and holistic development Ulla Beag are always interested in promoting creative learning approaches. Two years ago they began a long term project to collaborate with local print media artist Lynn Kenny to integrate visual print media into their curriculum using a child centred approach. Through this process children had the opportunity to explore and develop their own creations as they experienced art disciplines such as painting, print making, various craft skills, and working with three dimensional form.

Using recycled and upcycled materials the children created their own toys and sculptures. More time was provided for Art activity as it was integrated throughout the curriculum. The provision of time and materials fostered greater creativity. As Lynn supported the children to display, discuss and review each other’s work they learnt from each other. Group projects emerged and evolved from the children’s interests or enquiries. One of their group projects on keeping our beaches clean collage ( a message from the children to other children using recycled materials ; painting ; printing ; weaving has been fast-tracked straight through to the Irish finals in the selection of the Irish fisheries board “Something Fishy 2016” Poster completion. Their efforts were acknowledged and published by the Department of Education
How rewarding to know that the art fostered in his early years has the potential to grow within him and accompany him into adulthood as his lifelong passion and joy.”